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Dace Flaumane

I have been working in different kinds of project management for quite some time now. I have seen the good, the bad, and the evil. I have also been very fortunate having worked on projects I feel truly passionate about in fields I believe are relevant in our society. 


My Experience

Working on projects that one cares about makes them work twice as hard.

And by that I mean smart. 

I am an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and medical equipment retail industry.

For me passion comes when I get to work on IT solutions that are meant to be used by professionals in their field, especially I love healthcare, I love the sessions where they explain their processes and the brainstorming with team to find out ways of incorporating these details into our solution.

Education, especially vocational. I never got to finish mine, but I make up for that with an extensive professional experience. I know the things that I needed in my studies and I make sure I can make the path of formal education rewarding by participating in educational processes. And I did get a few diplomas out of it, to prove it!

Precision. We have this term for a reason. We have it in all textbooks for a reason. I believe that projects need to be scheduled, you always need to fit into the budget. You need to make the best you can with the resources you have within the timeline you have. No one will need a perfect product when it is no longer relevant.

e-risinājumi, SIA

Project Manager

IT and graphic design.

Business requirements to functional and technical requirements.

Budgeting and scheduling.


State Education Development Agency

Project coordinator


Candidate preparation for web development and design in WorldSkills and EuroSkills competitions.

Budgeting and scheduling within EU funds.


Puķīte I.V, SIA

Project manager

CRM and concept development, and intercultural relations related contract.


“Because of the self-confidence with which he had spoken, no one could tell whether what he said was very clever or very stupid.” 
― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace


my Skills

During my professional career, I have gained substantial skills in IT project management, intercultural communications, working in and leading a team, and most importantly financial, resource, and timeline planning. 

  • IT Project management
  • Financial planning
  • Intercultural communications

IT Project management

  • Managed teams of 2-10 web developers and designers.
  • Project planning in Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall flows.
  • Translating business requirements to functional and technical requirements.

Financial planning

  • Project resource planning within public and private sectors.
  • Drafting investment proposals.
  • Tender application preparation and project calculations.
  • Project contract negotiations (fees, functionality, deadline, contract terms and penalties).

Intercultural relations

  • Managing German-Latvian IT development team.
  • Establishing business contacts with one of 9 Flora Holland wholesale companies. 
  • Participation in the Meeting of
    Presidents and Prosecutors of the Courts of Appeal of the European Union in Riga as escort interpreter for Chairman of the Riga Regional Court.
  • Participation in WorldSkills and EuroSkills participant preparations. 

Awards & Education

State Education Development Agency

Certificate of progress and good conduct

for participating as the program coordinator in web development and graphic design participant preparation for EuroSkills 2018


State Education Development Agency

Certificate of progress and good conduct

for participating as the program coordinator in web
development and graphic design participant preparation for WorldSkills 2017


Latvian Republic Riga District Court


from Chairman of the Riga Regional Court for performing the duties of an escort
interpreter (Latvian-English-French) during the Meeting of Presidents and Prosecutors of the Courts of Appeal of the European Union in Riga for Chairman of the Riga Regional Court.


Latvian Academy of Culture

Intercultural Relations Studies (Latvia – France)

Two years of intercultural relations, languages, and project management studies.


I’ve Worked With



An endoscopy and procedure management solution.

Co-development with business partners. 

1,5 years of development.

A healthcare solution that is being used in the top gastroenterology clinic in Latvia.




Development of competition data evaluation and data collection system, that uses WorldSkills data evaluation algorithm.

Development that begun as pro bono and was transferred into a marketable product.  

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